The more successful your business, the bigger impact you make.

Having a profitable business means you can step back from working in your business and get back to the big picture thinking you enjoy so much.


The key to change and growth for a business is usually in sales and leadership.

I deliver on promises and do things differently.


I only get paid in full, when you do

I’m in the game with you 100%. To prove it, I only get paid in full once your business goals are met.


I use sales for good not evil

The reality is, without sales your business is a hobby. For a lot of people, sales is a dirty word and is often avoided. Sales doesn’t have to be sleazy, pushy or fake. I’m here to show you there’s a better way.

No fake promises or 'quick' wins

*spoiler alert – if it seems too good to be true, it probably is*

 And for this reason, I don’t work with everyone. I only work with businesses I’m confident I can deliver outcomes for, alongside you and your team.

Want help overcoming negative sales beliefs in your team?

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what MY clients say

“We now have rock solid sales and marketing systems in place that drive leads and we’ve had a 40% increase in our closure rates!”
Adrian Cosman-Jones

Onsite Helper

“I’ve gone from spending up to a day to prepare and hold a new client meeting to approximately 2 hours, including the meeting itself.”

Matthew Bell

Universal Partnership

let’s get started

There’s a variety of ways you can connect and work with Nicky.

Sales and Business Consulting

Working with businesses and teams to accelerate results and unlock business potential

1:1 Coaching and Mentoring

Working 1:1 with business owners and leaders to unlock human potential

Free Resources

For you to get working on your sales, business growth and leadership results immediately

Women in Business Mastermind

Coming soon…

Evergreens sister business – B2 supporting women in Business Together

The Evergreen Effect

Stay tuned to learn how  Evergreen is helping make the world a better place

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