Passionate about businesses breaking through their sales barriers and determined to remove the stigma attached to ‘sales’, Nicky’s on a mission to inspire change, growth and ultimately, better business.

With almost 20 years’ sales and leadership experience, Nicky’s skill and ability to understand and identify gaps within a business underpins her approach to helping achieve high performance sales outcomes and greater business profitability.

Behind Nicky’s sales and leadership acumen is a genuine love for and understanding of human behaviour.

The Formal Stuff:

Accredited in eDISC Behavioural Profiling, a Meta Dynamics Level 3 Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming and a qualified Professional Coach and Trainer.

Nicky brings a human-centric and fresh perspective to your sales and business strategy.

The Evergreen Vision and Mission is to inspire change, growth and better business, so that as a collective we make a greater impact on the world around us.


  • Good business creates positive change in the world
  • Passion can be profitable
  • Sales is good, not evil
  • Unlocking human potential accelerates results
  • The actions of an individual impacts the collective
  • Change starts within
  • Profit is good
  • The ripple effect creates waves
  • Fortune favours the brave
  • Your external success is only limited by your internal progress

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