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We have ambitious targets and needed a specialist to help us reach our goals. It’s been awesome working with Evergreen Coaching, the team look forward to their meetings, they’re getting more done as Nicky makes them highly accountable and we are on a path to reach our goals. We also now have rock solid sales & marketing systems in place that drive leads and we’ve had a 40% increase in our closure rates!  I highly recommend Nicky for any business who wants to accelerate their growth.

Adrian Cosman-Jones
Onsite Helper

“I was wanting to improve my sales process by making it consistent, repeatable and also to prevent time wasting. I’ve gone from spending up to a day to prepare and hold a new client meeting to approximately 2 hours, including the meeting itself. Nicky and I were able to find out what wasn’t working and then implement a much simpler process that I’m now confident with.”

Matthew Bell
Managing Director, Universal Partnership

Evergreen has been a powerful and innovative program that has impacted and developed my leadership and that of my team. The library of resources can transcend smoothly from a professional capacity to a personal one that drives a constant and passionate hunger for development.The incredible part – is that I utilise those resources every day and the positive impact on my life has been truly incredible!

Lia McNaught
Media Sales Manager, News Corp Australia Adelaide

Nicky is knowledgeable, focused and very easy to work with. Her enthusiasm is contagious and this comes through in the feedback received. I would strongly recommend Nicky and the programs she offers.

Mark Lochore
Head of Human Resources Queensland, News Corp Australia

Like many small business owners, I was working longer and longer hours but not seeing increased rewards for my effort. After I started working with Nicky from Evergreen, I learnt to work smarter not harder. She understands me, my business and my specific needs. My business has now started to grow and I’m able to give more value to my clients.

Simone Parker
Ma Belle Allure - Brisbane

The thing that sets Nicky apart from other trainers and coaches is her approach of getting the team to take action and implement learnings straight away. Rather than only focusing on theory, she will explore a concept and then put it into action in the room right away. There is a focus on ensuring that each moment is loaded with value and hands on practical application wherever possible – this helps me feel confident that I am getting good ROI early on.

Nicky has the ability to make the person she is working with feel at ease and comfortable enough to let down their barriers creating a safe space to get ‘uncomfortable’ and hence increase the quality of learning.

She also aligns the content of the training with your specific outcome and you know that she has tailor made the training and coaching sessions to help get your results.

As a result of Nicky’s coaching and training my team have seen an increase in revenue along with stronger leadership, greater confidence and engagement within the team.

Jodi Graham
General Manager - Direct Sales, News Corp Australia

I attended a sales workshop hosted by Evergreen Coaching and found it to be most valuable. I was given insight into a client’s emotional buying cycle and have been able to implement these techniques into my day-to-day sales approach with great results. Thanks Nicky!

Zane Brown
Clinical Sales Specialist, Core 3D, Brisbane

In the Corporate world of Media I have had many styles of training and experienced several trainers, I have to say personally, that it was a breath of fresh air to sit through 2 days of presentations on the Circle of Influence and Coaching with Nicky.

If you are looking for someone who can engage a room, deliver the Sales Message to Sales Managers who have all seen it all before – you have to meet Nicky. Her brief from Management at Head Office was to roll out The Circle of Influence and Coaching, we discovered new techniques and were influenced on why these skills are so important.

No yawning – yes we were all engaged from start to finish and from all reports from my peers “Nicky was excellent and we all got at least one new learning to take back to the office.

Sue Foster
Media Sales Manager – Communities, General Manager, Sunshine Coast

I recently started my own business and when I decided it was time to take it to the next level, I invested in business coaching from Evergreen Coaching – best investment I ever made.

Nicky has helped me go from loathing sales, to loving sales!

She helps you see that your business is you and you are your business, seamlessly weaving business coaching with life coaching to help you become the best you and in-turn run a kick-ass business!

The tools and tips I’ve received throughout the coaching sessions are game changing and are helping me achieve my goals quicker than I imagined.

Laura Brown
It Just Makes FrankinSense, Brisbane

Nicky’s proven coaching sessions gave me instant results to my sales approach the very first-time.

Each session leaves you with a can-do attitude. It’s like having a mini holiday in your head.

Do yourself a favour and pick up the phone and call her now.

Jane Bansgrove
Key Account Executive at The Northern Star, Ballina NSW

When I started my small business I was feeling overwhelmed by the new responsibilities and pressures. Luckily, I found Nicky before it was too late to get back on track – she has helped me to understand my strengths and weaknesses, build structure into how I work, set clear goals and achieve them.

Nicky is able to work at many levels, bringing energy, understanding, technical expertise and fun to whatever I may need help with on a given day, and I have come a long way personally and with my business in the time that I’ve been working with her.

Her level of service has exceeded my expectations both in our sessions and outside of them, and I am very grateful. Thanks Nicky!

Victoria Lock
Kitska, Melbourne

Nicky from Evergreen Coaching is amazing.

She is warm and encouraging but also manages to push me out of my comfort zone to achieve my goals faster than I would have thought possible.

I have learned so much from her, and not only have my sales increased, but so has my zen. My vision is clear and the processes that I now have in place after working with Nicky have reduced my stress levels.

I look forward to our sessions and always feel energised and optimistic afterwards.

I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Alice Henchion
Nappy Lane - Wollongong

“The highlight of the conference for me was Nicky’s presentation on “why selling to your customer is caring for your customer”

Brianne Lowe
Retail Area Manager, HealthSAVE Chemist at The Pharmacy Assistants National Conference

“When asked to host a large panel event on the broad topic of Sales, Nicky was my absolute first choice to be involved: and WOW did Nicky shoot the lights out adding value to almost 100 people crammed in to the sold out event. As a speaker, Nicky is engaging and electrifying, sharing practical wisdom from the front of the room that every attendee can apply. As a business growth expert, Nicky brings experience and insight that connects otherwise complex potential in a way that makes it simple to execute. And as a human being, Nicky is joyful and abundant and I have learned so much from knowing her. There’s a reason our event was the best-rated workshop for the entire year, and that reason was Nicky. I can’t wait to share the stage with you again soon!”

Jacob Aldridge
Director of Advisory, businessDEPOT

Nicky meets you where you are at on your journey and lovingly guides you towards success. I always feel 100% in control and that every session is completely bespoke for me and my needs. I would highly recommend Nicky and Evergreen Coaching to help you through your next chapter.

Eliza Burrows
Fit for Purpose, Ireland

I have been lucky enough to have Nicky as my Coach and mentor in the workplace for the last 6 months. With Nicky’s guidance I have been able to develop in professional and personal areas of my life and work toward being my better self. Nicky is so professional, caring and patient which helps what can be a challenging experience go smoothly.

During a coaching session with Nicky she helps you to dig deep, and be honest with yourself to help facilitate the change that you would like to see in yourself. If you have never experienced coaching before I would recommend you give it a go, with all you have to give, and Nicky will help the experience go as smoothly as possible.

Jennifer Cairns

Nicky’s approach and delivery was first class. She was so enthusiastic, knowledgeable and it was fantastic to be a part of. It was great for the finance team to be involved in such an engaging session.

Overwhelming feedback since the session has also been great. Much needed and truly appreciated.

Paul Withers
Finance Manager, News Corp Australia

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