Have you ever given thought to who are you being on a daily basis? Who are you being when things are good? How about when things are not so good, or when no one is watching? Who are you being in relation to the goals you want to achieve?

We go through life, focusing on the action that we need to take to achieve our goals. And of course, taking action is critical when it comes to success. What we don’t often think about however is an important step that comes before (and works in tandem with) taking action.

It involves our mindset, our thoughts and our intention behind the action we take. Mindset can have a positive impact on the action we take, affecting the quality of the outcome we achieve.

Conversely, it can have the opposite affect – a poor mindset can hinder our progress, getting us stuck in procrastination and keeping us nice and safe in our comfort zone where there is no room for growth and learning.

The idea is to Be the person that you want to be first. Then Do the stuff you need to do. And by default you will Have the things you want to have.

It is too easy to fall into the trap of placing too much emphasis on the things that we want to have and it distracts us from who we need to be. Don’t get me wrong, it’s super important to get clear on the goals that you want to achieve. However once you’ve done that, it is also helpful to create a non-attachment to the exactness of how t you will get there (let’s face it, life isn’t built on perfection and the sooner we can come to terms with that, the better off we’ll be).

The Be is all about mindset and awareness. The Do is about the action. If we are only focused on the Do , we can burnout easily – our motivation is external which means that it is reliant on external forces (some of which are out of our control) and this can tire us and leave us hanging. The Be however is internal. It is centered on the belief you have in yourself.

Highly successful people are aware of the importance in understanding who they are being. They grasp the concept that this is the real starting point for true success.

Let’s try it on…

Imagine, not only how much easier it would be, but also how much fun it would be, if you had a wholehearted belief in yourself that you could achieve the thing that you were set out to achieve.

Take a moment to think about what difference that would make. Consider your current state and ask yourself these questions:

1. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being low and 10 being high), where would you rate yourself in terms of self-belief?

2. Think about someone who you deem as highly successful (it could be in the same area that your focusing on or in a different area). Make sure you think of someone who is absolutely, hugely successful in your eye’s. I’m not talking about mediocre success; I’m talking about out-of-this-world success. Now write down what you think their beliefs about themselves are, who they are being and what their mindset must be like.

Now answer these two really important questions:

3. Who do I need to be in order to achieve my success? And list the attributes that you think make this up.

4. What do I need to change to get my self-belief up to a 10/10 and to be the person I need to be for my success?

There is an energy around who you are being when you have this mindset. Another upside is that you attract certain people and circumstances into your life. You’ll find that you are looking for things around you that will align with who you are being which mean that they align you with your goals.

You’ll start noticing things around you that will help you achieve your success, instead of looking for evidence as to why it is too hard or why you will fail or don’t deserve to succeed.