There is so much research that highlights how little a success rate there is for achieving new year’s resolutions.

This is partially because a NYR is temporary. Also because they’re created in the hype and excitement (and sometimes desperation) of a new year. And have you ever set a NYR because you’re driven by guilt of what you didn’t achieve in the last year?

What if instead of setting a NYR in these ways, you set a well thought out, meaningful and extraordinary goal/s. In a way that is achievable, inspiring and motivating for you to take action on.

It might not seem as sexy in the beginning BUT when you start achieving the milestones towards a better you, you’ll see how sexy it can really be.

The thing is, you want to create long lasting change and this is done by having a more long term and meaningful approach.

The approach.

Look at each area of your life ie. personal and professional and start with picking one area you would like to improve upon and identify a Wildly Important Goal.

Personal – this could be health and wellbeing, quality time with your family and friends, personal development and growth, learning and education… the list goes on.

Business – this could be a focus on revenue growth, an increase of number of sales and conversions, better quality customer service, a focus on lifting staff engagement, creating more transparency across the business, delivering better coaching and training with the view of upskilling your staff. Again… the list goes on.

Having a strategic focus on your goals and not getting carried away with the whirlwind novelty of a NYR will ensure you set yourself up for success in the New Year.

As a gift to help you get set up, you can download the Evergreen Goal Setting Playbook here (goal-setting-playbook) which helps you focus on your Wildly Important Goals in business.


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Nicky Miklos-Woodley is an Evergreen Sales & Business Coach, Trainer and Speaker.

There is a common stigma attached to ‘sales’ and yet, sales are so critical to the success of all businesses. The hard truth is without sales, your business is a hobby.