A key element of successful sales in this day and age is dependent on the amount of value you give. Value is paramount to successful sales. People need to build a relationship with you, they must trust you and know that you are the one to help them with their problem.

In order for you to make it a ‘no-brainer’ to work with you, you need to first prove you are the one for them.

In a typically crowded market (depending on your industry) there is only one way that you can truly stand out amongst the rest – and that is through the service and the value you are providing.

It may seem common sense to some, but the reality is that exceptional service, delivering above and beyond and offering the WOW factor is not as common as you might think it is.

The good news here is that this is an obvious (and easy) way for you to start standing out. Not only will it help get people’s attention, it will feel good for you and you can have a lot of fun doing it!

So think about this –

  • What value do you currently offer?
  • How do you WOW your customers?
  • Look at how you can do even more of that!



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Nicky Miklos-Woodley is an Evergreen Sales & Business Coach, Trainer and Speaker.

There is a common stigma attached to ‘sales’ and yet, sales are so critical to the success of all businesses. The hard truth is without sales, your business is a hobby.