Okay, the run home to Christmas is well and truly on. And its time for you to make the most of every single day left in 2016.

A great way to do this is by looking at your low hanging fruit.

Low hanging fruit are the opportunities that are your hottest leads. They’re ripe and ready, or hot to drop.

Just like actual low hanging fruit, sometimes they will drop themselves and sometimes they just need a little nudge or a helping hand.

Here’s four simple ways to identify your low hanging fruit:

  • You may have already spoken to them and they’ve shown interest in your product or service in the past.

When was the last time you touched base with them, added value, had a conversation?

  • If your product or service is seasonal, go back to this time last year and the year before to see who was buying.

Are they buying this year? If not, contact them to see if they have a need again this year.

  • They’ve worked with you in the past, but you haven’t heard from them in a while.

Get in touch to with them to check-in and see if they have a need or a problem that needs solving.

  • Existing clients who don’t know about your new product line, or the additional service you’re now offering.

Just because they’re already your customer, doesn’t mean that they don’t want to hear about what else is on offer for them.


Looking at your customers in a strategic way (ie. hot, warm or cold) allows you to focus your time and energy where you will get the best ROI (return on investment).

Start with ensuring your hot leads or low hanging fruit are being nurtured and cared for, and then balance the rest of your time with focusing on the colder leads (ie. cold calling, networking events and other sources of lead generation).

Having this big picture approach will ensure that you are taking care of the short term as well as building pipeline in the long term.

Your cold leads are like the seeds that you are planting and they will eventually turn into your low hanging fruit.

Don’t let all of that time and effort on nurturing your seeds and growing them be wasted by letting them wither away. Be there to catch them, help them and look after them until they are ripe and ready to drop into your hands.


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Nicky Miklos-Woodley is an Evergreen Sales & Business Coach, Trainer and Speaker.

There is a common stigma attached to ‘sales’ and yet, sales are so critical to the success of all businesses. The hard truth is without sales, your business is a hobby.