With anything in life, there are always multiple ways of doing one thing. So don’t get caught up in doing it the only and right way.

Just jump in and give it a go.

Courage will only show up after action has been taken. And the only way to truly learn is by doing.

Too many people wait around for courage to show up before they’ll take any action, or do that thing. You’ll be waiting a long time.

Sales is a great example of this. There is fear of rejection. Yep, it’s a real thing and we all have it at one time or another.

Let’s break it down.

The irony is that the fear of getting a ‘no’ could be holding you back. But regardless of what you do, how much you prepare… you will get a no at some point. There is no such thing as a 100% conversion rate, especially from the day you start.

This serves as a timely reminder that the pathway to success encompasses both the ups and downs, the yes’s and no’s and there’s no way around this.

So what does this teach us?

That we need to embrace the learns from both the yes and the no – they are both as powerful as each other (if you choose them to be).

And that the only way to reach our goals is to start now and not take it personally regardless of what the answer is.

Remember each NO will get you closer to your next YES!

You can prepare, theorise, learn, read, practice in the mirror until you’re blue in the face. Unless you get out there and start talking to real-life people, you won’t get any closer to a real-life yes.

Nicky Miklos-Woodley is an Evergreen Sales & Business Coach, Trainer and Speaker.

There is a common stigma attached to ‘sales’ and yet, sales are so critical to the success of all businesses. The hard truth is without sales, your business is a hobby.



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