We hear so much about how the ‘world of sales has changed’. In reality – how much has it?

Whilst (thank goodness) a lot that has changed in the way of authentic selling and removing the ‘hard core pitch’ – the core essence of sales, in that it’s about building relationships, remains the same as it always has.

So what has changed?

What has changed is the market around us, consumer behaviour and buying cycles.

  • Consumers are more empowered with information than they ever have been before allowing them to know more about a product or service prior to purchasing than we ever dreamed possible (ps. a Happy 25th Birthday to the internet is in order this month).
  • The amount of choices that are now available has increased. Competition is fierce, and you need to be the best in terms of the value you’re giving to solve your clients’ problem.
  • Boom time in a lot of industries and markets has collapsed resulting in really tough times and tightened budgets.


All of these things have increased the reliance on relationships, trust and possibilities (ie. outcome of your product or service) in sales more than ever.

Relationships. Trust. Possibilities.

These three things are the differences that make the difference when it comes to on boarding new clients or selling more products. Understanding this, can be the difference that makes the difference in YOUR sales and revenue growth.

Let’s face it, having a great product or service is expected. That’s just a given.

To get your product or service out there, you need to build relationships with your future customers, build trust with them that you are the solution to their problems and you need to connect them to the possibilities of what your product or service will give them – again, the outcome of the product not the product itself.

In order to do these things, you must must must (not a typo just pressing the point) come from a place of authenticity, curiosity and your mindset must be congruent with what you are telling your clients.