When you are trialling a new approach, selling a new product, or just starting out… a script can be tempting to help give you the confidence you need.

Without preparing what to say, the nerves kick-in, you feel like a flailing mess and can’t articulate yourself properly.

SPOILER ALERT: When you use a script, you sound like you’re using a script.

BUT you need to start somewhere right?

Here’s some things you can do to help with confidence so that you don’t sound scripted but still feel like you have the tools to support you in the early days (or when you’re selling something new).

  • Brain dump what you would say (okay, write a script)
  • Through this process get clear on the concept or the message of what you’re wanting to get across (ie. key points that will peak your prospects curiosity and show them WHY it is good for them)
  • Turn this essay (brain dump) into bullet points
  • You could create a cheat sheet including these bullet points and some of your favourite questions
  • Practice having conversations with yourself, to the mirror, the dog, out loud while you’re driving so that you become familiar with these key concepts (the more you practice the key concepts, the more natural you will sound and the more you will be able to include them in natural conversation)
  • Role play with someone else
  • And the real winner of them all – PRACTICE real live conversations. The more you do, the better you’ll get, there’s no way around this one.

Please remember to have some fun with this. Your biggest unique selling point (USP) is YOU!

So bring you to the conversation.

You’ll connect with some people and they’ll become great clients. You won’t connect with others and that’s okay because not everyone is your ideal client.

Always stay true to why you’re doing what you’re doing, and how you’re helping your clients. Stay true to that, and you’ll do great!


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Nicky Miklos-Woodley is an Evergreen Sales & Business Coach, Trainer and Speaker.

There is a common stigma attached to ‘sales’ and yet, sales are so critical to the success of all businesses. The hard truth is without sales, your business is a hobby.