The Evergreen approach is centred around delivering high performance results. Through teaching and implementing sales, leadership and people development strategies, you’ll increase revenue, staff engagement and achieve key business objectives.

Performance Coach

Working with individuals 1:1 developing high performance sales and leadership skills


Providing guidance and advice on strategy to drive high performance results


Intimate group workshops upskilling and aligning teams on all areas of a high performance business







Commitment to Excellence



My commitment to you:


I only get paid in full when your business goals are met

I put my money where my mouth is and I’m 100% focused on getting results for your business. If I believe your goals are achievable it only makes sense that I am rewarded when the business is. 

I work with a limited number of clients

I’m committed to giving the best of me to help you achieve your outcomes. I’m more focused on quality of work as opposed to quantity of clients I work with.


I focus on both internal state and external strategies

You can create ‘good’ results from focusing only on the external success strategies (structures, systems, KPIs) however to achieve high performance, sustainable and long lasting results you must also work on internal state (mindset, beliefs, values)

You might be wondering where my rate card is. The reason I don’t do standard pricing is that your needs are unique to your business. 

Our three phases of working together:

1. Diagnostic period – setting the foundations

Conducting an initial audit and exploration into your business’ current state and identify gaps and areas of improvement to help you move toward your desired future state.

2. Breakthrough level – Breaking through to peak performance

Using our tailored structure and strategy to close those gaps and guide you through successful implementation.

3. High Performance – Maintaining best practice standards

You’re only as good as your last win (this is true across sales, leadership and business). Ongoing accountability, delivery and improvement is the key to ongoing success and growth.

What you won’t get working with me:

No ‘off the shelf’ online programs

They don’t speak to the specific skill gaps within your team. They can be useful to support the work we do however as a stand-alone tool they’re simply not effective.

No pre-set ‘packages’

You don’t require a one-size-fits-all solution. You need a solution that’s bespoke to you and your business needs.

No one-off training sessions

They don’t work on their own. There needs to be ongoing support, follow up and the content needs to be drip fed and applied for it to have a long-lasting effect.

No pre-written sales scripts

It’s more effective for your team to know how to create their own script and the thinking behind behind powerful conversations instead of it being handed to them. 

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