As a professional speaker Nicky energises a room with her passion and knowledge – she’s driven to deliver value and inspire change, wherever she goes. 

 She tailors her delivery to the needs of the audience, ensuring a high level of participation and thought-provoking content, regardless of the topic or size of the room. There’s no death by PowerPoint here! 

The highlight of the conference for me was Nicky’s presentation on “why selling to your customer is caring for your customer”.

Brianne Lowe

Retail Area Manager, HealthSAVE Chemist

“When asked to host a large panel event on the broad topic of Sales, Nicky was my absolute first choice to be involved: and WOW did Nicky shoot the lights out adding value to almost 100 people crammed in to the sold out event. As a speaker, Nicky is engaging and electrifying, sharing practical wisdom from the front of the room that every attendee can apply. As a business growth expert, Nicky brings experience and insight that connects otherwise complex potential in a way that makes it simple to execute. And as a human being, Nicky is joyful and abundant and I have learned so much from knowing her. There’s a reason our event was the best-rated workshop for the entire year, and that reason was Nicky. I can’t wait to share the stage with you again soon!”

Jacob Aldridge

Director of Advisory, businessDEPOT

Nicky’s expertise ranges across sales, leadership, mindset, building high performance teams, developing effective culture and business growth. She uses this knowledge to develop customised messaging and outcomes for your unique requirements. 

Nicky isn’t one to let location be a barrier to your success, regularly travelling across the country and internationally as needed. As the modern landscape and business needs continue to change, she’s dedicated to replicating the same level of engagement in a virtual environment.

Connect with Nicky below, to discover if she’s the right fit for your event.

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