The thing that sets Nicky apart from other trainers and coaches is her approach of getting the team to take action and implement learnings straight away. Rather than only focusing on theory, she will explore a concept and then put it into action in the room right away. There is a focus on ensuring that each moment is loaded with value and hands on practical application wherever possible – this helps me feel confident that I am getting good ROI early on.

Nicky has the ability to make the person she is working with feel at ease and comfortable enough to let down their barriers creating a safe space to get ‘uncomfortable’ and hence increase the quality of learning.

She also aligns the content of the training with your specific outcome and you know that she has tailor made the training and coaching sessions to help get your results.

As a result of Nicky’s coaching and training my team have seen an increase in revenue along with stronger leadership, greater confidence and engagement within the team.

Phone: +61 403 191 404 | Email:

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